Installation of dvdwizard on your machine is fairly simple. Just download the latest version of dvdwizard and untar it anywhere you want. This will create a subdirectory named dvdwizard-<version>. cd into this directory and either use the contained install script (sh ./ or Makefile (since 0.6.0) (make install).

The install script or Makefile will check, whether you already have an existing dvdwizard.conf in your ~/.dvdwizard directory. If so, it will ask permission to override the existing file, so you'd better  make a backup before.

DVDwizard installing the following bash scripts:

dvdwizard        Main-Script
mk_vmgm Create DVD main menu
mk_vtsm    Creates Chapter-Selection-Menus
mk_vtsm_lang  Creates Language-Selection-Menu for Multi-Audio and/or Multi-Subtitle-Movies
mk_vtsm_info   Creates Info-Panels from Text files to display short descriptions of the movies
dvdwizardrc various subroutines, called from most other scripts
chaptercheck Check and transform Chapter-Timecodes or intervals
dvdcpics Create Chapter-Screenshots for chapter selection menus
dvdtguess Guess movie title from filename
mpgprobe Get Video and Audio characteristics from MPEG-Stream
txt2png Convert Textfile to a PNG (used for creating Info panels)

Make sure, dvdwizardrc resides in the defined directory of the other scripts or dvdwizard will fail.

If you have an older version of dvdwizard running, you should backup and delete the existing scripts before installing the new ones. Be sure to avoid any kind of mixture between old and new versions since they are by no means compatible. Too much has changed, sorry.