DVD Subtitle Ripper for Linux

If you want to convert DVD subtitles into text format (e.g. subrip format) or VobSub format this program could be useful for you. However, it is only one tiny tool that you need in the process of producing srt files. This software depends heavily on transcode for its input (in the past it was part of the transcode package)

For srt file production the output of this program should be processed by some OCR software. Currently, I work with GOCR for this purpose.

For VobSub output no other tools are required.


After revitalisation in year 2015 I have made some new releases for optimizing the process of creating a subtitle file. You can find the new releases here.

Installation and Documentation

Currently, there is an english README describing the installation and the usage of the software that you will find in the subtitleripper source package.


transcode home page

GOCR homepage

mplayer project homepage

Description of the subtitle data format

Description of the subtitle data format

gsubedit homepage

VobSub homepage

A good tutorial about DVD ripping including subtitles

A good frontend to transcode with subtitle support